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First Dedicated Venture For CA Students India

Welcome to the world of Virtual education! With the ever growing demand for commerce professionals, the number of students enrolled for various Commerce courses like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, and other Newly launched Commerce courses by various Commerce Institutional bodies like ICAI has increased manifold. While a large number of students are enrolled for these predominantly correspondence based courses, there are not many structured learning programs available for preparing for the exams, especially in non Metros.

Further, managing studies and mandatory trainings at same point in time makes it difficult task for students, leaving them to make the final go at the preparatory leaves period, which adds on to a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. Thus, there is a huge need for suitable teaching aids, which would facilitate the preparation of studies for such courses. To achieve this objective, CAGURU has used the internet, which has been a technological blessing and has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade to come up with Video classes to meet the coaching requirements of Commerce students.

These classes follow the concept where a person can, at his/her ease, of time, place and preference, study the relevant subjects. One can access the Course content, learn, understand and study at his convenience. There are detailed notes covering the entire set of videos which can also be obtained by a registered member on payment of the defined amount. One can further post his queries in the “Ask the Query Section” anytime and can also access our experts to live during selected times.

So what are you waiting for…? Join us and let’s make it happen towards your effort for your successful career!